The New Palm Springs

posted by on 2014.05.31, under articles of interest

It was Dinah Shore Weekend in Palm Springs — or the Dinah, as it’s known — five days of Sapphic revelry that every April draws some 15,000 women from around the country to this sun-washed city 90 miles southeast of Los Angeles. On Saturday evening, however, the hottest ticket in town may not have been the L Word Pool Party, but a relatively low-key cocktail reception hosted by the Palm Springs Art Museum to benefit its new Architecture and Design Center. Continue reading “The New Palm Springs” »

Lunch with Eddie.

posted by on 2014.05.26, under articles of interest

Lunch with Eddie Izzard is a unique experience for several reasons; not only does the comedian and actor have a razor-sharp intellect and an iconoclastic sense of the world, he’s also very cordial. Complementing his dapper black sports jacket and jeans were his long pointy nails, painted a deep scarlet with a British flag drawn on his right ring finger. Continue reading “Lunch with Eddie.” »

Reflections in multiples of two

posted by on 2014.05.20, under articles of interest


On September 30th they took away the velour canopy Louis the XVI bed they put it on a truck and out it went.

I was happy to see it go it was a closing of a chapter in my life that among other things it included you.

Out of all the people to meet you had been the one sent from heaven for me. Continue reading “Reflections in multiples of two” »

Elle Fanning speaks with Scarlett Johansson

posted by on 2014.05.12, under articles of interest

Elle Fanning has literally been acting for longer than she can remember. Chancing into a bit part in the 2001 Sean Penn vehicle I Am Sam before she turned two, Fanning followed her big sister Dakota into Hollywood with prestigious film work almost right off the bat. Early roles included The Door in the Floor (2004), Babel (2006), Reservation Road (2007), and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008). Continue reading “Elle Fanning speaks with Scarlett Johansson” »

The scarf makes a come back at Dior Cruise.

posted by on 2014.05.10, under articles of interest

The one thing most of us remember from our first exposure to French fashion was probably the way French women and men made of the scarf an undeniably chic and ever present accessory that underpinned a unique elegance which screamed Bohemian and European style and all the things the starchy American counterpart did not have…then of course came the age of Aquarius…and some eclectic types started adopting the scarf as a cry of individualism even on this side of the pond…. Continue reading “The scarf makes a come back at Dior Cruise.” »

Lana’s West Coast

posted by on 2014.05.08, under articles of interest

Lana Del Rey’s latest mysterious, sun-stroked music video is for her new single “West Coast,” which precedes her hotly anticipated sophomore album “Ultraviolence.” The clip, released on Tuesday (May 6), is a whole lot of Lana Being Lana, offering up artful shots of California, bad boys and long drags from endless cigarettes. Continue reading “Lana’s West Coast” »

Coming home: Jetta John-Hartley

posted by on 2014.05.01, under articles of interest

“When I was little, I wanted to be an astronaut,” recalls 24-year-old British singer-songwriter Jetta John-Hartley. “Now I really want to do a gig on Mars.” Space may have to wait as the songstress known simply as Jetta juggles the upcoming release of her debut full-length album (on Republic Records) and a North American tour with John Newman. Continue reading “Coming home: Jetta John-Hartley” »

Food, Sex and Fashion: Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture SS14 and a recipe for Carbonara….

posted by on 2014.04.28, under art and design

My Carbonara and if it matters,

It is four seasons in a dish

Smoked ham from Christmas,

A time I dread for the expectations that go along with it,

The sons and daughters that don’t call,

The lovers that forget

and for all the wrong gifts

That make you feel misunderstood. Continue reading “Food, Sex and Fashion: Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture SS14 and a recipe for Carbonara….” »

Young, beautiful and for hire at 300 euros.

posted by on 2014.04.25, under articles of interest

Marine Vacth

“You don’t know, and neither do I,” says Marine Vacth. “And that’s what I liked about it. You never really knew why she did it.”  She’s talking about Isabelle, the character she plays in a new film, Young & Beautiful, from French writer-director Francois Ozon and the ambiguous appeal of playing a teenage prostitute in his provocative new film.

Continue reading “Young, beautiful and for hire at 300 euros.” »

Robert Longo By Keanu Reeves

posted by on 2014.04.21, under articles of interest

Of the contemporary artists who came to prominence in the 1980s and went on to try their hand at filmmaking in the ’90s (among them Julian Schnabel and Cindy Sherman), Robert Longo seems like the perfect fit for the role of Hollywood-style director. His sleek, 1995 sci-fi feature Johnny Mnemonic, starring an already famous Keanu Reeves, was an experimental outgrowth of an aesthetic path that the New York artist had been pursing on paper for more than a decade. Continue reading “Robert Longo By Keanu Reeves” »


posted by on 2014.04.15, under articles of interest

It is after all the last big storm of the season.

We stand under the lifeguard tower

Looking out to sea,

Looking at the moon,

Cotton candy moon. Continue reading “Surfers” »

Mystic Pizza: The homemade appeal. Anthony Falco of Roberta’s in Brooklyn, shows how it’s done.

posted by on 2014.04.13, under articles of interest

There is pizza dough in my refrigerator right now…I have been experimenting for the last few days trying to get it just right…. I’ll bake it tomorrow night under mozzarella, then put a small arugula salad on top, an homage to the Green and White pizza available at Roberta’s in Brooklyn. Continue reading “Mystic Pizza: The homemade appeal. Anthony Falco of Roberta’s in Brooklyn, shows how it’s done.” »


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