Reaxed Parisian Vibes

posted by on 2015.03.05, under articles of interest

Vanessa Freidman reports from Paris.

And so to Paris, where the Twitterverse is full of talk about the generational employment gap and the frustrated younger set.

Yet paradoxically the opening of the French season is front-loaded with youth: Cédric Charlier, Anthony Vaccarello, Simon Porte Jacquemus of Jacquemus, short-listed for the LVMH Young Fashion Designer Prize this year. Continue reading “Reaxed Parisian Vibes” »


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PARIS – The first model Simon Porte Jacquemus sent out for his show here Tuesday night wore a pair of stiff fisherman’s waders and a mask.

She was otherwise topless. The young woman glided barefoot down the runway that wound through  tattered rooms where plaster peeled from the walls, her face obscured by a swath of brown paper. Continue reading “THE PARIS NUDE LOOK NOVEAU” »

Karl Lagerfeld and the Tao of Meaow

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MILAN — Karl Lagerfeld, arguably the most recognizable fashion designer in the world, is in a back office at Fendi’s headquarters on the Via Solari, receiving from an assistant a gift someone has sent for his Birman, Choupette. Continue reading “Karl Lagerfeld and the Tao of Meaow” »

Milano: Fashion Reality Check

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MILAN — It has been an odd, unsatisfying season in Milan. Parties and celebrities were thin on the ground; the biggest trends to emerge have been Lurex and fur for the feet (really: sheared-mink shoes will be big come September). The ’80s are of interest to some. Rumors have swirled with no closure. Continue reading “Milano: Fashion Reality Check” »

The Fashion Bubble

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Olivier Theyskens,   a decade and a half ago, was one of the most talked about designers in the World…garnishing the attention of a frenzied media looking to devour every nano bite of information from one of the newest and Brightest Stars of the Fashion World and the object of adoration and desire  for celebrities and fans all over the World.  Olivier, now 37,  having previously headed Rochas and Nina Ricci,  is convinced that  the fashion industry is unable to cope with the surplus of young designers starting their own labels.

Continue reading “The Fashion Bubble” »

Gossip as a Fashion Statement.

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MILAN — The most ubiquitous, and worst, trend in fashion these days may not be a silhouette, or a shade, but a strategy: the acceptance of ambiguity and gossip around a creative transition. Continue reading “Gossip as a Fashion Statement.” »

Donatella Versace Sense-O-Matico

posted by on 2015.02.27, under articles of interest

MILAN — In the third of a video series on designers’ private working spaces, Vanessa Friedman of the New York Times goes into the studio with Donatella Versace to discuss self-esteem, mistakes and why drawing isn’t so important. And those were just the outtakes. (This conversation was condensed and edited.) Continue reading “Donatella Versace Sense-O-Matico” »


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A breather between blockbusters? While it’s tempting to look for intellectual subscript in every move Miuccia Prada makes, perhaps seeking out the deeper context isn’t always necessary. After spring’s majestic outing in which Prada celebrated her respect for fabric craft, shown against the provocative backdrop of a beautifully bleak purple desert, for fall she took a respite from deep fashion thoughts even though, ironically, “Thinking” was one of the titles she gave the show. Continue reading “PRADA’S SOFT PARADE” »

One Day to Go: Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele readies his women’s Fall/Winter 2015-16 collection.

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on Jan. 21, Gucci announces it had hired Mr. Michele, who had spent the last 12 years working in Gucci’s accessories department, the last three as the associate director to Ms. Giannini now gone along with her life partner and top Gucci executive Patrizio Di Marco. Continue reading “One Day to Go: Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele readies his women’s Fall/Winter 2015-16 collection.” »

Giles defines London Fashion Week

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Anna Cleveland twirled and twirled in her finale outfit at Giles and exited the runway by shaking the stiff, pleated ruffles jutting out from behind like some exotic bird showing off its tail feathers.

Continue reading “Giles defines London Fashion Week” »

Things We Learned from the 2015 Oscars

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A couple of hours into last night’s Oscars (or The Expected Vice of Predictability), my wife turned to me and said, “At least the commercials are better this year.” She was right. Not only were they tonier—often not revealing the advertiser’s name until the very end, which is, of course, the quintessence of artistry—but they were steeped in the movies, from the appearance of stars like Natalie Portman for Miss Dior to the copious use of music made famous here by the movies—like Isaac Hayes’s “Theme from Shaft” and Piaf’s “Non, je ne regrette rien.”
WhenBoyhood’s director Richard Linklater turned up in an ad for Cadillac early in the broadcast, there was still no way of knowing that it would turn out to be his high point that night.

Continue reading “Things We Learned from the 2015 Oscars” »

A less Critical Side of Fashion

posted by on 2015.02.23, under articles of interest

Fashion week in London is in full swing, young avant garde designers betting all their net worth and friends and family as well,  for 15 minuts under the spotlight, in the glimmer of hope of maybe one day being the next Chris Bailey or JW Anderson and get a big contract with a multinational luxurybrand mastodont…Meanwhile in the land of OZ…where everything tends to move on a groove all of its own… Continue reading “A less Critical Side of Fashion” »


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