Slava’s Comma Sutra

posted by on 2014.03.20, under articles of interest

Call it Russian pop renaissance or just plain sexual awareness…The Russian-born New Yorker is no stranger to striking cover art  — or mutated dance tracks.

Slava‘s debut album is all about Raw Solutions as “spirited, fiercely effective club music with nothing to hide.” The same can be said of his forthcoming EP, Comma Sutra, due out later this month on Software Recording Co. Continue reading “Slava’s Comma Sutra” »

Fashion Week in Tokyo: Somarta best of shows so far.

posted by on 2014.03.19, under articles of interest, best fashion labels

While the World of Fashion is still reeling from the tragic death of L’Wren Scott…such is the cruelty a business that swallows you body and soul, consuming your every-bit of existence…Tokyo Fashion week on the other side of the globe is in full swing…One of my favorite Collections from the land of the Rising Sun is Somarta. Continue reading “Fashion Week in Tokyo: Somarta best of shows so far.” »

L’Wren Scott takes her own life in her New York Apartment.

posted by on 2014.03.18, under articles of interest

NEW YORK — Shock and sadness.

That was the reaction of fashion insiders to the apparent suicide of designer L’Wren Scott. The 49-year-old companion of Mick Jagger was found dead Monday morning in her downtown apartment. Still under investigation and pending the New York City’s medical examiner report, the death appeared to be a suicide, as there was no sign of criminality and no forced entry. Scott was found hanging from a scarf around her neck tied around a bathroom doorknob, a source said.
Continue reading “L’Wren Scott takes her own life in her New York Apartment.” »

The other side of Johansson

posted by on 2014.03.17, under celebrities

Scarlett Johansson is quoting Baudrillard  in a tiny Parisian toilet. “Smile and others will smile back,” she begins in her deep Nuu Yawk timbre. “Smile to show how transparent, how candid you are. Smile if you have nothing to say. Most of all, do not hide the fact you have nothing to say nor your total indifference to others. Let this emptiness, this profound indifference shine out spontaneously in your smile.” Continue reading “The other side of Johansson” »

Lisa Marie Presley: a road less traveled

posted by on 2014.03.16, under articles of interest

I was just nine when my father [Elvis Presley] died, but I had a very special relationship with him. He was the most incredible, enigmatic, powerful, dynamic human being I’ve ever met. As far as men go, he left big shoes to fill. He is still such a presence in popular culture, but I don’t find it odd or surreal – it makes me happy, actually. Continue reading “Lisa Marie Presley: a road less traveled” »

Parisian Chic goes global with Inès de la Fressange

posted by on 2014.03.14, under articles of interest, personalities


Inès de la Fressange is keen to bring her trademark French chic to the world.  The Roger Vivier and L’Oréal brand ambassador this week marked a major step in the revival of her namesake line with the launch of a clothing collaboration with Japanese retail giant Uniqlo. The line went on sale in France today and will be rolled out to the majority of Uniqlo’s 1,300 stores worldwide and online by March 20.  Sitting in Uniqlo’s Paris showroom, the former face of Chanel traded light banter with Uniqlodesign director Naoki Takizawa, with whom she has been working on two follow-up collections for fall 2014 and spring 2015. Continue reading “Parisian Chic goes global with Inès de la Fressange” »

Summer Darkness….Soul Survivor.



Survivor, rejecting the traditional conventions of all that’s bright, white, and breezy, this summer embraces all that’s dark and shady. Drama is living on a high wire just a fraction of a movement away from either bliss or disaster..the new way of life  plays out with a deeply personal, almost costume-y take on exaggerated silhouettes, rich fabrics, theatrical headpieces, and many shades of black…

There is an open door that leads to the far away sky

Where all your dreams are tucked away.

There is a place where we hid waiting for the voices of truth

For what it seemed an interminable decade Continue reading “Summer Darkness….Soul Survivor.” »

Is there justice in the business of Fashion?

posted by on 2014.03.09, under articles of interest, best fashion labels

Karl Lagerfeld once said there is no justice in the World of Fashion, if you want Justice go be a civil servant…I say this because a lot of what happens in the upper enchalant of fashion at times has no rational explanation: how is that one designer gets to design for a famed fashion label when others of equal or at times greater talent and understanding for what really makes a woman elegantly fabulous are relegated to obscurity or to a  situation where every season is a struggle that leaves them strained to the limit of their creative and financial capacity Continue reading “Is there justice in the business of Fashion?” »

Cute Universe

posted by on 2014.03.08, under articles of interest, music delux


…In the hands of Japanese pop singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, cuteness is the stuff of nightmares and language is no barrier to becoming a World Wide sensation. Continue reading “Cute Universe” »

Elegance is everlasting at Hermes

posted by on 2014.03.06, under articles of interest

On Wednesday afternoon, Hermès closed the season for the second time in a row…which is entirely appropriate French Fashion is after all nothing if not the freedom of being different without sacrificing elegance…first and foremost elegance,  and that   Christophe Lemaire delivered, ending  on a sophisticated note, with a lineup executed in the ultra-luxurious vein the house is known for.  It restored a certain dignity to a week that at time is an hyperbole of  reveries or insults mostly elicited by designers that tend to beat their own chest more than considering the women they are actually designing for…the one that can actually afford to buy their clothes. Continue reading “Elegance is everlasting at Hermes” »

Louis Vuitton not pretty.

posted by on 2014.03.05, under articles of interest


This was the first collection for Louis Vuitton that Nicolas Ghesquière put out…during his tenure at Balenciaga it seemed that the irrepressible designer had done enough experimenting with the ugly side of fashion to last him for a life time. But apparently not…I guess there is a demographic out-there that loves to spend oodles of money on clothes that look like try outs from Project Runway…. Continue reading “Louis Vuitton not pretty.” »

Wild Beauty at McQueen

posted by on 2014.03.05, under best fashion labels

A shadowy figure emerged against the pale background, negotiating her way across the frosty ground, mossy terrain, patches of its wintry brown moss covered in snow. In the darkness she’s only a silhouette, a fluid triangle, a hint of white fluttering beneath her knees. “It’s beauty and the beast, a wild beauty,” said Sarah Burton backstage before her Alexander McQueen show. “ Continue reading “Wild Beauty at McQueen” »


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