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I have never written about you;

You are like the wind

What can you write about the wind? Continue reading “Never” »

Behind the Scenes of Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake.

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Of all the stories that Matthew Bourne has ever told, there is one that might well out-dazzle them all. It begins with a young Londoner, raised on theatre, musicals and movies, who spends a good deal of his teenage years chasing autographs from the greatest names of stage and screen. Some 40 years later, in one of the biggest cities in the world, he is himself the target of autograph-hunters, who queue, in patient reverence, awaiting his appearance at the stage door.  Continue reading “Behind the Scenes of Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake.” »

Chef Massimo Bottura on Italian cooking

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“For me, inspiration comes from many things,” Massimo Bottura says. “Thinking about the life of snails under the snow, or listening to a piece of music by Bob Dylan or Thelonious Monk.”

Bottura isn’t your average Italian chef. But, then again, with menu items named “Chicken, chicken, chicken, where are you?” and “An eel swimming up the Po River,” his restaurant  Osteria Francescana is not your average red-sauce, checked-tablecloth trattoria either.

Continue reading “Chef Massimo Bottura on Italian cooking” »

Worth the Wait: Alaïa

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Fashion month ended two weeks ago in Paris, but Azzedine Alaïa has always subscribed to his own notions of time. (Indeed, along with the academic/polymath Donatien Grau, he is in the midst of producing and recording conversations on the subject, which will be eventually form the basis on a book; he has already done Marc Newson and Johnny Ive, for example.) Continue reading “Worth the Wait: Alaïa” »

Vivienne Westwood: Rebel with a cause

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Dame Vivienne Westwood has always been a mass of contradictions. She hates, with an unswerving passion, consumerism and excess. Yet she has built a fashion empire. Ask her what she would like to change in the world and she says, “I’d get rid of advertising. Consumption is the biggest propaganda. It’s ruined the world.” Yet she herself devises beautiful ad campaigns, with pictures by superstar German photographer Jürgen Teller.

Continue reading “Vivienne Westwood: Rebel with a cause” »

Tavi Gevinson: Fashion After Life

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By the time she was 13, Tavi Gevinson was already an acclaimed fashion blogger and, tricked out in Dior, a precocious fixture at runway shows. So what next, now the mini-maven has reached the ripe old age of 18?

Continue reading “Tavi Gevinson: Fashion After Life” »


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PRINCE has made his career as syncopated as his music, juggling silence and noise, arena sellouts and secretive recordings. His latest confounding move is the simultaneous arrival of two albums: “Art Official Age,” a studio production billed as his first solo album since 2010 (though he had help) and “PlectrumElectrum,” on which he’s backed by the three-woman rock trio he has been touring with, 3rdEyeGirl. Continue reading “THE FUNK SIDE OF ART: PRINCE OFFICIAL” »

Louis Vuitton Spring 2015

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Lagerfeld takes it to the streets at Chanel

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What is it they say of great storytelling? Sometimes you have to suspend disbelief? So let’s suspend disbelief long enough to consider an unlikely characterization:Karl Lagerfeld, the Norma Rae of fashion.

Oriental fascination at McQueen

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The exotic lure of Orientalism, an aesthetic rich for fashion interpretation. For Sarah Burton, it’s personal. Her spring collection was based on her own treasured collection of antique kimonos and intricate fabric swatches she began acquiring when she started working with Alexander McQueen, traveling to Japanseveral times a year for the job.
Continue reading “Oriental fascination at McQueen” »

Saint Laurent Fast Fashion

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What is fashion? Several seasons into it, that question again swirled around the exiting throng at Hedi Slimane’s fashion show for Saint Laurent.  Slimaine is obviously taking on the FAST FASHION MARKET with vengeance…his collection:  highly replicable looks that you would easily find for much less at a Forver21 store…. cute, young, rock ’n’ roll, a little vulgar, with arch, sky-high platforms that feel dated beyond the presentation’s obvious, intended retro.  A far too obvious  merchandising  message: jacket; short, flirty dress or skirt;  and for those who dare, short shorts — and a girl’s good to go…. Good to go in what were, piece-by-piece, some appealing clothes but nothing that we haven’t seen before. Continue reading “Saint Laurent Fast Fashion” »

The Umbrella revolution rocks Hong Kong

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A city known as the fashion capital of Asia. A place where Louis Vuitton stores and Frank Ghery  Apartment buildings create an Oasis for the affluent, if even under the ever present eye of China Centralized government is been rocked by Civil unrest that is being compared to the Tienanmen Square demonstrations of the early eighties. Continue reading “The Umbrella revolution rocks Hong Kong” »


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