Desert dreams

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Photographer Stephan Würth’s new book, “Ghost Town,” explores the far away desolate desert places that at some time or another in our lives, we have always imagined inhabiting… whether it be real or just a feeling…
some of us have found solace in them at a time of momentary madness or during periods of staggering lucidity… while others have looked  upon these barren landscapes as the spaces where dreams roam free and out of body experiences are a great  substitute to a night of mediocre TV or an evening spent on Facebook….

They are the places of the wild frontiers where humanity takes a leap into a outer worldly ethereal world made of wide open  spaces, suspended dreams and thick hot atmosphere…. Stephean’s  photo book captures the female form in these settings, his woman acts as a sublime intervention, alluring and mysterious, she  invades these forgotten towns as if in a erotic dream.

Würth speaks about the freeing power of the desert’s remoteness, the purity of the female nude, and his long-standing infatuation with the American West. “Ghost Town” is available this month.  And forever in your mind…


With economic shift and people increasingly inhabiting urban areas, how do you think the idea of “ghost towns” has changed?

Living in New York and being on cell phones 24/7, it was such an amazing experience without internet and cell phone reception shooting in this “Ghost Town”. We had around 8 people on this shoot and we all felt the same. The idea of being in a Ghost Town was so liberating and wonderful. We did not even have a phone connection in our Motel Rooms. It was the most free feeling we all had. This is why I think the images are so free. We all could be humans again without any outside influence.

What to you makes an ideal “ghost town”?

Far away from any major city. No cell phone reception. Sherif Stone cooking me lunch everyday, and naked beautiful women running around the town all day.


The fantasy you create is at once naughty but also perhaps about a kind of purity. What is naughty about “Ghost Town” and what is pure?

Naughty was my mind the whole time I was shooting “Ghost Town”. I believe the images have a purity because I like to shoot the beauty of women. I love shooting sexy women, but I’m not a huge fan of “over posed” photographs. I always try to bring out the true personality of my subjects and just make them look as simple and beautiful as they can be…

What were your references for this project?

Since I moved to the US as a child, I have been fascinated by the American West. I wanted to do a book project in a Ghost Town and found this amazing location a few years ago. I wanted to do a different “nude” project with a bit of a story line.


The girls are gorgeous, but vary in their own unique way. Describe the selection process for the models?

I looked for models who where inspired by the idea of being in a remote town for a week as well.  The models needed to be good actors as well.  I was aiming to give this book a cinematic feel, so I searched for a model, who would understand the feeling…

What is beautiful about the female body?


What do you find romantic about remnants of the American West?

The open space.


Great article and photos, thank you

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Great post thank you.

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Excellent-e. I genuinely enjoyed what you had to say.

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