Soaking in Sake: Japan’s Answer to the Red Wine Bath

posted by on 2015.03.30, under articles of interest, beauty news

Thomas Jefferson  supposedly said once or maybe twice that “good wine is a necessity of life.” Somehow, I don’t think bathing in his happy hour drink was quite what he had in mind. But it feels even more essential if it’s not only part of our diets, but also our beauty routines, right? Continue reading “Soaking in Sake: Japan’s Answer to the Red Wine Bath” »

Golden Lady

posted by on 2015.03.26, under articles of interest

Prepare to be dazzled. Adele Bloch-Bauer, the Viennese beauty who was immortalized Byzantine mosaic–style in gold by the painter Gustav Klimt, is the subject of a new exhibition at the Neue Galerie and a movie of the same name,The Woman in Gold, starring Helen Mirren.  Continue reading “Golden Lady” »


posted by on 2015.03.25, under articles of interest

I want to live in a lighthouse:

Be a beacon for ships in the night;

The glow from your eyes:

To the rest of the world unknown;

To me essence of life, Continue reading “Alone” »

The Dolce & Gabbana Faux Pas

posted by on 2015.03.19, under articles of interest

Regardless of whether one sexual orientation has anything to do with his or her social and political views, it seems that the latest comment by the dynamic and alway restless duo of Italian Fashion, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, has fanned the flame of outrage in the gay community at large. Continue reading “The Dolce & Gabbana Faux Pas” »

Ol’ New York Charm at the Polo Bar

posted by on 2015.03.16, under food, travel

Just over there, on a banquette beneath an oil painting depicting the racehorses Man o’ War and Citation in bookend profile, Rihanna and Naomi Campbell sit huddled like sleek and improbably beautiful fillies after a sudden storm. Continue reading “Ol’ New York Charm at the Polo Bar” »

Louis Vuitton AW 2015: Very Star Trekkie…

posted by on 2015.03.12, under best fashion labels

The Frank Gehry  geodesic domes of the Fondation Louis Vuitton were the best part of the show this morning.  They capture the future in an organic and elegant manner, one that the collection unfortunately was not able to achieve.  What struck you most was just how complacent Ghesquière seems  to be with this gig….and considering the kind of clothes that he keeps putting forth it has become one of the great mysteries of the Fashion World….The collection must be selling well however in Estonia, Russia and China…and Mars…where people are brand crazy regardless of whether something is elegant or not… Continue reading “Louis Vuitton AW 2015: Very Star Trekkie…” »

Staging Vs. Style: Which Comes First? Vanessa Freidman explains

posted by on 2015.03.11, under articles of interest

PARIS — How much does context matter when it comes to fashion?

Karl Lagerfeld recreated a Parisian bistro (Brasserie Gabrielle, named after Madamoiselle Chanel) in the glass-ceilinged environs of the Grand Palais, complete with mahogany bar serving Perrier-Jouët, cafés crème and croissants, red leather banquettes for guests and a tile floor (plus his favorite male models among the bow-tied bartenders):  it was hard not to wonder. Continue reading “Staging Vs. Style: Which Comes First? Vanessa Freidman explains” »

Forever Bad Saint Laurent

posted by on 2015.03.10, under articles of interest

This is not Yves label, and he never envisioned getting this “trashy”….even though he had a penchant  for the controversial…elegance was always at the forefront of his collections…but times have changed Slimane is not Yves. Continue reading “Forever Bad Saint Laurent” »

Victorian Carnie Goth Roma Psycho-Gypsy…Givenchy

posted by on 2015.03.09, under articles of interest


 Tisci a lover of the dark and the occult, staged a show amongst old video games, skateboards,  neon lights and vintage pinball machines with models boldly displaying piercings and face adornments reminiscent of the most hard core of the Roma Gypsies…all enveloped in an aura of mystique and Victorianism… Continue reading “Victorian Carnie Goth Roma Psycho-Gypsy…Givenchy” »


posted by on 2015.03.08, under articles of interest


Tierra de los Mayas, adonde las olas del mar como cuchillos de vidrio cortan el costal a la piedra.

Que sin sentido y sin temor así siendo y no siendo, se encuentra y se pierde. Fortaleza de Vida. Certitud de muerte, medida de tiempo. Continue reading “Tulu’mas” »

The return of John Galliano by Tim Blanks

posted by on 2015.03.07, under articles of interest

Well, that didn’t take long. Having nailed a common ground for Maison Margiela’s aesthetic and his own with the Artisanal collection he presented in London, John Galliano galloped back into Paris with renewed confidence, surely bolstered by the sense of acceptance he must have felt after that London show. What he offered tonight extended that common ground into the febrile world of pure imagination that he once roamed with imperious invincibility. “A fashion lo-fi: like Polaroids inflected with acid dreams,” was the humble proposal of the show notes. Continue reading “The return of John Galliano by Tim Blanks” »

Lanvin and Elbaz Stendhal Syndrome…

posted by on 2015.03.06, under articles of interest

LAN_0786 (1)

OMG it is Kim with her tits hanging out and that obnoxious husband of hers…It’s supposed to be about the clothes on the runway but at Lanvin’s Paris Fashion Week presentation on Thursday, Kim Kardashian ensured all eyes were on her….attention monger that she is.

The collection was pure magic and it was something that if Yves would have resurrected from the dead, would have loved to have designed himself…

It was that good…But then it is expected of Alber who with Lagerfeld are the bookends to Paris Fashion…. Continue reading “Lanvin and Elbaz Stendhal Syndrome…” »


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