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It is after all the last big storm of the season.

We stand under the lifeguard tower

Looking out to sea,

Looking at the moon,

Cotton candy moon. Continue reading “Surfers” »

Mystic Pizza: The homemade appeal. Anthony Falco of Roberta’s in Brooklyn, shows how it’s done.

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There is pizza dough in my refrigerator right now…I have been experimenting for the last few days trying to get it just right…. I’ll bake it tomorrow night under mozzarella, then put a small arugula salad on top, an homage to the Green and White pizza available at Roberta’s in Brooklyn. Continue reading “Mystic Pizza: The homemade appeal. Anthony Falco of Roberta’s in Brooklyn, shows how it’s done.” »

Bohemian Runaway


They all say you are not the one for me.

You are too old, too spoiled,

Too proven, too mean. Continue reading “Bohemian Runaway” »

THE DATE FARMERS: milk and honey

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“Carlos,” (2014). Mixed media on panel. 84 1/4 x 48 x 3 5/8 inches. Courtesy Ace Gallery, Los Angeles.

In 1998, while everyone was celebrating the Jackson Pollock Retrospective opening at New York’s Museum of Modern Art, Armando Lerma and Carlos Ramirez—two Mexican-American artists from Coachella Valley—were collecting scrap metal and building an aesthetic vision that would come to represent the duo’s distinct collaborative identity known as The Date Farmers. Self-proclaimed storytellers, Lerma and Ramirez share the visual narratives of their upbringing and experiences through paintings, installations, murals, and sculpture. Continue reading “THE DATE FARMERS: milk and honey” »

Suicide Blonde: Kim Basinger

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“Oh, my god!” Kim Basinger squeals in the middle of our conversation. Her reaction explodes because she glances out the window of the restaurant in downtown Studio City where we’re sitting; she is completely caught off-guard by the spectacle of a pack of 12 O’Clock Boys—dirt-bike riders who show off by standing straight up—as they’re shooting through an intersection. This is possibly their way of adding to the occasion: Basinger has taken time from her schedule to sit with me on her sixtieth birthday. Continue reading “Suicide Blonde: Kim Basinger” »

Designing Light: Lindsey Adelman

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In the clustered, clinically minimal market of lighting design, the seductive metal, rope, and glass amalgams of New York-based designer Lindsey Adelman have begun to shine through. Known for her sinuous, organic forms, Adelman’s signature branch chandeliers, in particular, have become wildly popular high-end interior fixtures. Continue reading “Designing Light: Lindsey Adelman” »

Sophie Kennedy Clark: Acting up

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I discovered my cunt at age two.”  Thus begins Consummate Ruler, Lars von Trier’s, Nymphomaniac: Volume 1. This remark is jarring, unusually so, considering the architecture of the presented allegory. It will take on a metronomic quality, reverberating through: the marathon coitus of the anal, oral, and vaginal ilk; the delirium; the advice from B—played by Sophie Kennedy Clark—to simply “think about the pack of sweeties,” you’ll win while performing a sex act with a stranger in the bathroom of a train car. Continue reading “Sophie Kennedy Clark: Acting up” »

Praying for a Hit at the ‘Noah’ Premiere

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The age of biblical epics starring the likes of Charlton Heston came to a close a long, long time ago, but here hoping — praying? — to change that is the big, roaring “Noah” from Darren Aronofsky, which steamrolled into the Ziegfeld Theatre in Manhattan for its splashy premiere Wednesday night…

Continue reading “Praying for a Hit at the ‘Noah’ Premiere” »

Tahiti, A “Faery” Land. Photos and Impressions by François Nars.


Some of us have that dream lodged in the back of our minds to leave everything behind and move to an Island somewhere. most likely in a warm climate. For some it remains an unfulfilled dream for others it becomes a reality.  Since Captain  Bligh, landed in Tahiti  in 1788 with the mission of carrying Tahitian breadfruit trees  to the Caribbean, the mystic of the Island has only grown. True the ages Tahiti maybe more than any other Island,  has exercised a certain magical pull on people from all walks of life…especially the ones that make the arts their chosen pathway in life. Paul Gauguin, Marlon Brando and now famed french make up artist François Nars who has bought his very own private island in the Polynesian Archipelago…Beauty does pay… Continue reading “Tahiti, A “Faery” Land. Photos and Impressions by François Nars.” »

A Boy’s Town in a Woman’s World

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With a collection that would have been just as glorious on the Paris catwalk as it was in Tokyo,  Yasutoshi Ezumi turned out a tour de force that mixed layered volumes of fabulous knits with interesting geometric shapes and architecturally inspired prints in a palette and sensibility of colors and shapes that would have served well even a house like Louis Vuitton… Continue reading “A Boy’s Town in a Woman’s World” »

The Realm of the Senses: The new Goth at Alice Auaa.

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One of the most interesting shows of Tokyo Fashion week was by Yasutaka Funakoshi, designer of Alice Auaa, one of Japan’s most popular Goth brands, Yasutaka mined the realm of S&M this season, sending his girls out in masked headpieces with whip attachments sprouting from the tops.   Continue reading “The Realm of the Senses: The new Goth at Alice Auaa.” »

Slava’s Comma Sutra

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Call it Russian pop renaissance or just plain sexual awareness…The Russian-born New Yorker is no stranger to striking cover art  — or mutated dance tracks.

Slava‘s debut album is all about Raw Solutions as “spirited, fiercely effective club music with nothing to hide.” The same can be said of his forthcoming EP, Comma Sutra, due out later this month on Software Recording Co. Continue reading “Slava’s Comma Sutra” »


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