Learning the ABC with London Grammar

posted by on 2014.07.19, under articles of interest

London Grammar realized the importance of the Ivor Novello Awards – Britain’s premier songwriting gongs – when they sat down at their table and looked around the room. Next to them Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page was seated beside his Yardbirds bandmate from almost 50 years ago, Jeff Beck, guitar gods in repose. Standing behind them, deep in conversation, was Chic’s Nile Rodgers, who would subsequently be presented with a Special International award by former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr. Continue reading “Learning the ABC with London Grammar” »

Romeo Santos: Romantico & Caliente

posted by on 2014.07.12, under articles of interest

Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” couldn’t do it, Jay Z got help from Justin Timberlake and Eminem, and Metallica didn’t try. Selling out consecutive shows at Yankee Stadium, with its capacity of roughly 50,000, is nearly impossible for any pop music artist not named Paul McCartney. But Romeo Santos, who will perform there Friday and Saturday nights, is about to achieve that feat. Continue reading “Romeo Santos: Romantico & Caliente” »

Paris Couture Report Fall 2014

posted by on 2014.07.09, under articles of interest

PARIS — The Tour de France may have only just reached Gallic shores after starting in Leeds, England, over the weekend and riding into London on Monday, but in Paris the couture seemed to be holding its own version of Le Grand Tour. Admittedly, the two are not exactly the same thing but these sorts of intuitive leaps are par for the course in fashion: Designers look at the world around them and put it through the meat grinder of their imagination. Continue reading “Paris Couture Report Fall 2014” »

Couture Actually Couture

posted by on 2014.07.08, under articles of interest

PARIS — The question of the future hangs heavy over Europe at the moment — over whether Italy will succeed in convincing Germany that European Union budgetary constraints should change; over whether Britain will leave the union; over whether former President Nicolas Sarkozy of France can make a political comeback given his current legal situation — so it is perhaps little wonder that at the start of the couture season, designers themselves were addressing the issue. It may not be clear what shape the European Union will take in 2015 and beyond, but when it comes to dressing, they have some control over the matter.

Continue reading “Couture Actually Couture” »

Iris Van Herpen wins the ANDAM

posted by on 2014.07.04, under articles of interest

A prestigious fashion industry jury, led this year by Xavier Romatet, has awarded the ANDAM 2014 Grand Prize to the Dutch designer for her Fall/Winter 2014 collection Biopiracy, combining craftsmanship with technology, biology with physics and the real with the artificial. The First Collection Prize was awarded to Sébastien Meyer, founder of Coperni. Continue reading “Iris Van Herpen wins the ANDAM” »

Splattering of tailoring at Givenchy

posted by on 2014.06.28, under articles of interest

A  four-seat Cessna airplane was dissected and strung over the circular catwalk at Givenchy, exploding in four directions, an installation by by Dutch artist Paul Veroude. Was it a signal of the military undercurrent in Riccardo Tisci’s spring men’s wear, full of multi-pocket aviator jackets dangling ripcord zipper pulls? Or was it perhaps symbolic of a young designer stretched to the limit? Continue reading “Splattering of tailoring at Givenchy” »

Echoes of Armani

posted by on 2014.06.25, under articles of interest

MILAN — When performers start titling their efforts “whispers,” “memories” or “echoes” — like the“Echoes of Armani” show Tuesday — you can usually expect the farewell tour.

Giorgio Armani, on the other hand, isn’t going anywhere. As he has said many times in the press, Mr. Armani, who turns 80 in two weeks, probably will work until he drops. And he will continue to comb through his fertile back pages for ideas, motifs and gestures that have kept him in the game since the 1980 film “American Gigolo” and the body-hugging power suit.

Continue reading “Echoes of Armani” »

Men’s Wear Week of Themes and Variations: Gucci, Calvin Klein, Prada and more, all the news from Milano.

posted by on 2014.06.24, under articles of interest

MILAN — For a moment at the beginning of Bottega Veneta show on Sunday morning a baffled spectator got the impression Giorgio Armani had taken over Tomas Maier’s brain. The first grouping of Mr. Maier’s slouchy knee-length pull-on pants was right out of the Italian master’s playbook. All you needed to complete the impression was an Armani beret.  Then the show corrected course and Mr. Maier established again why he has been so successful designing for a house whose customer turns left by reflex when boarding a planeContinue reading “Men’s Wear Week of Themes and Variations: Gucci, Calvin Klein, Prada and more, all the news from Milano.” »

I remember you well at the Chelsea Hotel

posted by on 2014.06.22, under articles of interest

There’s an alarm on the door leading to the roof of the Hotel Chelsea, but the sound it makes is so quiet and pitched so high, somewhere between a dog whistle and an old-fashioned kettle on the boil, that it took me a while to realise we had tripped it. “There are cameras everywhere,” Sherill Tippins warned, but if anyone on the staff had noticed us, they didn’t object. Continue reading “I remember you well at the Chelsea Hotel” »

Ayahuasca: A Strong Cup of Tea

posted by on 2014.06.16, under articles of interest

On a recent Friday night, a dozen seekers in loose fitting attire, most in their 20s and 30s, climbed a flight of steps of a mixed-used community space in Bushwick, Brooklyn. After arranging yoga mats and blankets on the floor, they each paid $150, listened to a Colombian shaman and his assistant welcome them in Spanish and English, signed a disclaimer, and accepted large plastic takeout-style containers for vomiting.

Continue reading “Ayahuasca: A Strong Cup of Tea” »

The Sex Appeal of the footballer: Who will be the next David Beckham?

posted by on 2014.06.08, under articles of interest

Really sexy. Super-foxy. I mean, that body.

Go ahead and ask a few men’s wear designers and fashion editors about the star players in the World Cup in Brazil, and they aren’t talking about who’s going to score the most goals or which player is the best attacking midfielder in Group B. No, all the talk is about who’s got the best face, the best hair and that tight body that’s just right for their clothes. Continue reading “The Sex Appeal of the footballer: Who will be the next David Beckham?” »

The Tisci Look

posted by on 2014.06.05, under articles of interest

Since taking the helm of Givenchy in 2005, Italian-born designer Riccardo Tisci has brought a distinct vision of beauty and unity to the iconic French maison. He has assembled a team of collaborators (including Mariacarla Boscono, Marina Abramovic, makeup artist Pat McGrath, hairstylist Luigi Murenu, and Kanye West) that he considers nothing less than family. With next year marking a decade of Tisci’s iconoclastic reign as creative director of the brand, we look back at the masterful way he has used beauty to represent the Givenchy tribe. Tisci’s Spring/Summer collection found inspiration in the intersection of Japanese and African tradition, topped off with exquisitely constructed crystal face masks engineered by McGrath. Employing 1,500 crystals per face, beading, sequins, glitter, and two types of paint overlaid with a piece of sheer black netting, the futuristic, abstract tribal masks took three hours to apply. Continue reading “The Tisci Look” »


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